Exploring the Hot and Energetic Universe: The second scientific conference dedicated to the Athena X-ray observatory


Exploring the Hot and Energetic Universe:

The second scientific conference dedicated to the Athena X-ray observatory

24-27 September 2018, Palermo, Italy

Real Teatro Santa Cecilia




24 September, Monday – afternoon

Session 1 – Athena Study status I: programmatics

13.30 Welcome: S. Sciortino (5 min.)

13.35 Athena in the ESA program: G. Hasinger (25 min.)

14.00 ASI program: E. Cavazzuti (25 min.)

14.25 INAF program: R. Della Ceca (25 min.)

14.50 EU High Energy Infrastructure Program and Athena: L. Piro (20 min.)

15.10 Athena Study status and schedule: Mark Ayre (25 min.)

15.35 NASA & Athena: R. Smith (20 min.)


16.25 JAXA & Athena: H. Matsumoto (20 min.)

16.45 E-ROSITA: P. Predhel (20 min.)

17.05 Solar system and Athena-Juice synergy: G. Branduardi-Raymont (20 min.)

17.25 GW  from ground, EM counterparts and Athena: E. Troja (20 min.)

17.45 Athena-LISA Synergy: E. Rossi (20 min.)

18.05 ESO-Athena Synergy: P. Padovani  (20 min.)

18.25 Athena-Theseus Synergy: L. Amati (20 min.)

18.45 END of the afternoon session


25 September, Tuesday – mornig

Session 2 – Athena Study status II: science & technology

9.00 Scientific activities in the study phase: K. Nandra (25 min.)

9.25 Science and Calibration Requirements: M. Guainazzi (20 min.)

9.45 Mirror development: M. Bavdaz (25 min.)

10.10 Mirror Optimization: D. Willingale & G. Pareschi (25 min.)

10.35 X-IFU: D. Barret (25 min.)


11.30 WFI:  A. Rau (25 min.)

11.55 Athena background: S. Molendi (20 min.)

12.15 SPO development: M. Collon (20 min.)

12.35 Ground segment: M. Ehle (20 min.)

12.55 END of the morning session


25 September, Tuesday – afternoon

Session 3: Athena Technology – The Hot Universe

14.30 XRISM: H. Yamaguchi (20 min.)

14.50 The Hot Universe: from eROSITA and XRISM to Athena: T. Reiprich (25 min.)

15.15 Missing baryons and WHIM:  F. Nicastro (20 min.)

15.35 Astrophysics of galaxy groups and clusters: S. Ettori (20 min.)

15.55 Evolution of galaxy groups and clusters: P. Mazzotta & E. Cucchetti (25 min.)


16.50 Design and performance of X-ray mirror coatings for Athena: S. Svendsen (15 min.)

17.05 The EXACRAD and AREMBES projects: towards a better knowledge and assessment of particle background environment for the ATHENA mission: C. Macculi (15 min)

17.20 ATHENA unrolls AGN radiative and kinetic feedback: C. Pinto (15 min)

17.35 Constraining Non-thermal Pressure Support in Galaxy Clusters through Combined ATHENA XIFU, WFI, and SZ Observations: E. Bulbul (15 min)

17.50 Athena WFI and XIFU Observations of the Fornax Cluster:  Gas Dynamics, Merger History, and Elemental Enrichment: R. Kraft (15 min)

18.05 Constraining supernova nucleosynthesis from high-resolution spectra of the intra-cluster medium: A. Simionescu (15 min)

18.20 Detection of filaments on stacked XMM-Newton observations of z~0.5 galaxy clusters: I. Bartalucci (15 min)

18.35 SWG3.3 overview: E. Bozzo (10 min)

18.45 END of the afternoon session


26 September, Wednesday – morning

Session 4 – The Energetic Universe

9.00 The Energetic Universe: Athena in the multi-frequency context: M. Cappi (25 min.)

9.25 Formation and growth of the earliest SMBH: G. Lanzuisi (20 min.)

9.45 Understanding the build-up of SMBH and galaxies: F. Carrera (20 min.)

10.05 Feedback in local AGN and star-forming galaxies: Y. Terashima (20 min.)

10.25 The close environments of SMBH: M. Dovciak (20 min.)


11.15 Physics of Accretion: B. De Marco (20 min.)

11.35 Luminous extragalactic transients & Athena in the Multimessenger era: P. Jonker (20 min.)

11.55 Shedding “X-ray” light on multiphase massive outflows in QSOs: M. Brusa (15 min)

12.10 Mapping black hole winds, from the event horizon up to galaxy scales: F. Tombesi (15 min)

12.25 A new population of X-ray weak quasars: E. Lusso (15 min)

12.40 Dissecting the close environment of gamma-ray bursts: overview and new perspectives in the Athena era: V. D’ Elia (15 min)

12.55 END of the morning session


26 September, Wednesday – afternoon

Session 5 – Synergies and more core science

14.30 Large sky surveys: population studies and new transient phenomena: G. Stratta (20 min.)

14.50 CTA-Athena Synergy: I. Agudo (20 min.)

15.10 SKA – Athena synergy for the Cosmic Dawn: A. Mesinger (15 min.)

15.25 Accretion and ejection mechanisms in active galactic nuclei: the SKA and Athena synergy: F. Panessa (15 min.)

15.40 X-ray-Radio synergy on particle acceleration at the periphery of galaxy clusters: H. Akamatsu  (15 min)

15.55 Science results from Hitomi: T. Ohashi (15 min)


16.40 Multiphase medium and AGN feedback in nearby giant elliptical galaxies: N. Werner (15 min)

16.55 High Redshift Galaxy Groups As Seen by ATHENA: C. Zhang (15 min)

17.10 Ultra Luminous X-ray sources – new distance indicators?: A. Rozanska (15 min)

17.25 Fluorescent Iron Emission Beyond the Torus: G. Fabbiano (15 min)

17.40 X-raying stellar winds in high mass X-ray binaries: V. Grinberg (15 min)

17.55 The Athena Community Office: S. Martínez-Núñez (15 min)

18.10 END of the afternoon session

20.00 Social dinner at CASTELLO A MARE restaurant


27 September, Thursday – morning

Session 6 – Observatory Science

9.00 Supernova remnants and the interstellar medium: E. Costantini (20 min.)

9.20 Black hole and neutron star populations in nearby galaxies with the Athena WFI instrument: A. Hornschemeier (15 min)

9.35 HMXB studies with Athena: V. Grinberg (10 min.)

9.45 Exploiting Athena capabilities in the field of PWNe: N. Klinger (10 min.)

9.55 Measuring masses in low mass X-ray binaries via X-ray spectroscopy: the case of MXB 1659-298: S. Bianchi (15 min)

10.10 Laboratory astrophysics and atomic data needs for the Athena X-IFU: M. Leutenegger (15 min)


10.55 First X-ray detection of plasma motions in a stellar flare and in the associated CME: C. Argiroffi (15 min)

11.10 Revealing the chemistry and origin of dust in AGN with Athena: M. Mehdipour (15 min)

11.25 Clues to the progenitors of type Ia supernovae from Athena observations of their remnants: P. Maggi (15 min)

11.40 High Energy (Exo)planet Science in the Next Decade and Beyond : S. Wolk ( 15 min)

11.55 The broad and ubiquitous ~1 keV emission line complex in the spectra of X-ray binaries. : F.Koliopanos (15 min)

12.10 Establishing Charge-Exchange X-Ray Emission from Supernova Remnants with Athena’s X-IFU: S.Katsuda (15 min)

12.25 The power of Athena: X-ray spectroscopy of young accreting stars: M. Audard (15 min)

12.40 Concluding Remarks: K. Nandra (20 min.)

13.00 END of the conference



Note: 25 and 20 min talks include 5 minutes for questions, 15 min talks include 3 minutes question time