Exploring the Hot and Energetic Universe: The second scientific conference dedicated to the Athena X-ray observatory


The preferred format for the posters is A1 (594mm × 841mm).

1. AMATO ROBERTA A theoretical model for the soft protons scattering on X-ray optics.
2. AMATO ROBERTA Characterization of the X-ray population and background of M22: the ATHENA view.
3. BANDLER SIMON Developments of the X-ray Microcalorimeter Array for the X-IFU
4. BASSI TIZIANA The 2016-2017 outburst of the black hole transient GRS 1716-249
5. BOUANANE SELMA Simulating Observations Of HMXBs With Athena’s X-IFU To Test New Method Of Constraining Black Hole Mass Using High Resolution X-ray Reverberation Mapping
6. BOZZO ENRICO Symbiotic X-ray binaries: perspectives for Athena
37 B BURROWS DAVID The WFI Science Products Module
8. CAPPELLUTI NICO The contribution of early black holes to the CXB
9. CLERC NICOLAS Uncertainties in emission-line diagnostics from X-ray Integral-Field Unit observations of galaxy clusters
10. COBO BEATRIZ SIRENA: Pulse triggering and energy reconstruction software for Athena/X-IFU
11. COLOMBO SALVATORE Effects of Flaring activity on the disk of Classical T Tauri Stars
12. CORRAL AMALIA Auto-z: X-ray spectroscopic redshifts for the Athena mission
13. D’ANDREA MATTEO The Cryogenic AntiCoincidence detector for ATHENA X-IFU: preliminary test of the Demonstration Model.
14. DE BRUIJNE JOS Calibrating Athena
16 A KATSUDA SATORU Exploring Cosmic Ray Acceleration through Athena Simulations of SN 1006
16 B KATSUDA SATORU Investigating the environment of acceleration sites in the supernova remnant G1.9+0.3 with Athena X-IFU
17. EZOE YUICHIRO Origin of enigmatic diffuse X-ray emission in the Carina nebula
18. FIORETTI VALENTINA Soft proton scattering with ATHENA mirrors and the WFI induced background as case study
19. FIORETTI VALENTINA Background simulation of the HITOMI/SXS instrument: preliminary results
20. GASTALDELLO FABIO Multi-temperature plasma and the spectroscopic-like temperature bias with the Athena X-IFU


21. GASTALDELLO FABIO The variability of the XMM cosmic-ray induced particle background and lessons learned from Athena
22. GUARCELLO MARIO GIUSEPPE Simultaneous Kepler and XMM observations of bright flares in the Pleiades
23. LECOQ EDOUARD Detecting turbulence in large scale structures with X-ray satellites.
24. LUMINARI ALFREDO Constraining the covering fraction and energetics of the ultra-fast outflow in PDS 456
25. MAJID WALID Neutron star population in the inner region of the galaxy
26. MARELLI MARTINO Evaluation of the XMM-Newton background as a prediction for the Athena background



ALESSIO Neutron Stars’ Mass / Radius spectral measurements in quiescent LMXBs with Athena
28. MEREGHETTI SANDRO X-ray timing measurements yield the first observational evidence for a young contracting white dwarf
29. MERNIER FRANCOIS Abundance measurements in the intracluster medium: consequences of spectral code improvements
30. MINERVINI GABRIELE Consolidation of the absolute level of the Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) protons spectrum and its uncertainty at L2 during the ATHENA mission lifetime (2031 – 2035).
31. MIYAJI TAKAMITSU Halo Occupation Distribution of AGNs and Prospects for ATHENA
32. NARDINI EMANUELE Harnessing the spin of supermassive black holes with Athena
33. NUMAZAWA MASAKI Suzaku and Athena view of diffuse X-ray emission associated with Jupiter’s radiation belts
34. PEZZULLI EDWIGE Faint progenitors of luminous z ∼ 6 quasars: why do not we see them?
35. PILLITTERI IGNAZIO Hot and glowing: the high energy emission of the very young stellar object Elias 29
36. PLUCINSKY PAUL Athena X-IFU Simulations of N132D and 1E 0102.2-7219
37 A PRADHAN PRAGATI Exploring on-board X-ray transient detection with Athena – Wide Field Imager
38. RANDALL SCOTT Exploring Cluster Outskirts and Large Scale Filaments in Merging
Clusters with Current and Future X-ray Missions
39. SMITH RANDALL Arcus: Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Clusters, Galaxies, and Stars
40. RAUW GREGOR  X-ray emission of massive stars as seen with ATHENA
41. RISALITI GUIDO Building a Hubble diagram of high-redshift quasars with Athena
42. ROGANTINI DANIELE Athena reveals the role of iron in the Universe
43. SELL PAUL The X-ray Binary Populations of M81 and M82
44. SVENDSEN SARA Experimental development of Ir/SiC mirror coatings for the Athena telescope
45. SVOBODA JIRI Green Pea Galaxies in X-rays
47. TRUONG NHUT X-ray Scaling Relations in Massive Early-Types Galaxies in the Light of ATHENA Mission
48. TUTONE ANTONIO 3D MHD simulation from the onset of the SN to the full-fledged SNR
49. VAHDAT MOTLAGH ARMIN Investigating state transition luminosities of BH X-ray binaries in the outburst decay
50. VARNIERE PEGGY Disk spectrum evolution as function of spin, impact on model fitting
51. VON KIENLIN ANDREAS Evaluation of the ATHENA/WFI instrumental background
52. VURGUN EDA Orbital Period and Breaking Luminosity Relation in LMXBs
53. WALSH SARAH Investigation of the WHIM using Gamma-ray burst afterglows.
54. ZHANG WENDA Constraint on AGN corona size with fully relativistic modeling of 3D corona