LSST – Large Synoptic Survey Telescope – Special Programs Workshop

Palermo, 8 – 10 October 2018
Palazzo dei Normanni
Sala Piersanti Mattarella
Piazza del Parlamento, 1, Palermo
The workshop web page is:

The workshop will focus on the final version of the White Papers in response to the LSST Cadence Optimization call.

Several science cases have been already submitted as draft to theLSST Transients and Variable Stars (TVS) Science Collaboration (SC)Task Force for Deep-drilling Fields (DDF) and Mini-survey (MS)proposals planning, with other LSST SCs also working on this issue.

The scientific topics of the science cases submitted so fare are very diverse, ranging from blazars to supernovae, from young stars to pulsating stars.