Starblast, stellar explosions in Virtual Reality

Explore fascinating supernova remnants and energetic pulsar, in an immersive and interactive environment, thanks to the new virtual reality application:


Starblast: a VR tour of the outcome of stellar explosions


Venture inside incredible supernova remnants and admire the distribution of chemical elements, the complex morphology of astrophysical objects, based on numerical simulations and analysis of real observations.  This interactive experience presents the research conducted by a team of astrophysicists of the INAF Astronomical Observatory of Palermo and the University of Palermo thanks to the contribution of the Cost-action Pharos and in collaboration with Ceformed srl.


What to do to use the app


To use the application you need a virtual reality headset – the app is compatible with the most popular models – and have the Steamvr software installed on your computer.


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Voice-over: Rachel L. Curran (English), Laura Leonardi (Italian), Sabina Ustamujic (Spanish).

This app was developed as part of the “2021 Call for dissemination projects”, opened by COST Action CA16214 “PHAROS: The multi-messenger physics and astrophysics of neutron stars”, following the proposal “REAL POWER OF VIRTUAL REALITY: DEVELOPING A STANDALONE APP FOR OUTREACH AND TEACHING ACTIVITIES”.

PI: Marco Miceli (University of Palermo/INAF-OAPa), Co-Is: Salvatore Orlando (INAF-OAPa), Fabrizio Bocchino (INAF-OAPa), Laura Leonardi (INAF-OAPa), Laura Daricello (INAF-OAPa), Barbara Olmi (INAF-OAPa), Sabina Ustamujic (INAF-OAPa), Emanuele Greco (University of Palermo/INAF-OAPA), Ignazio Pillitteri (INAF-Oapa).