Seminario: David Pascoe (University of St Andrews), Aula ore 15

28 September 2023 @ 15:00 – 16:30

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Speaker: Dr David Pascoe (University of St Andrews)

Titolo: Modern Diagnostic Techniques for Stellar Atmospheres

The high spatial and temporal resolution provided by the Solar Dynamics Observatory inspired the development of advanced observational techniques to probe the solar atmosphere. For example, forward modelling of the EUV profile of coronal structures and the seismological analysis of magnetohydrodynamic waves provide powerful diagnostics to constrain properties such as the plasma density and magnetic field strength. We also increasingly employ Bayesian analysis to increase the robustness and accuracy of our modelling. These techniques are now also applied to study quasi-periodic pulsations associated with solar and stellar flares, and our models are being extended to take advantage of in situ measurements from Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe.