Jesus Maldonado



About me:

My principal expertise is the spectroscopic analysis of cool stars. I study the properties of different types of planet host stars (from M dwarfs to solar-type, from dwarfs to giants) with the objective of probing the richness of exo-planets and planetesimal material, achieving a full picture of planetary formation and evolution.
The detailed chemical analysis of different kind of planet hosts, will help us in our understanding of the formation of planets, and it will also tell us where to look for planets (optimising the outcome of future space missions). The discovery and characterization of further planets will allow us to study the connection between the host star chemistry, the planetary atmospheres, and potential conditions for life.


Research interests:

  • Debris discs
  • Chemical abundances in stars with debris discs and planets
  • Planetary systems around evolved stars
  • Planetary systems around low-mass (M dwarfs)
  • Planets and discs around young stars
  • Stellar ages and kinematics
  • Stellar atmospheres


Dr. Jesus Maldonado
INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo
Piazza del Parlamento 1, 90134, Palermo Italy
Phone: +39-091-233210