Seminario: Manami Sasaki (Universita’ di Bamberg – Germania)

23 May 2024 @ 15:00 – 16:30

Speaker: Manami Sasaki (Universita’ di Bamberg – Germania)
Titolo: The hot phase of the interstellar medium
The interstellar medium (ISM) is heated and ionized by radiation, by stellar winds, and finally, by supernova explosions of massive stars. Since these processes are often correlated in space and time, they can form large interstellar structures called superbubbles, which are filled with hot thin plasma. Supernova remnants and superbubbles can be studied best in X-rays since the plasma in their interiors is very hot (10^6 − 10^7 K), while particles are also accelerated in the shock waves. I will present recent results of studies of the hot phase of the ISM in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, in particular in the Magellanic Clouds, and discuss the physics of the hot plasma, the evolution and energetics of supernova remnants and superbubbles, and the implications for the star formation history of the galaxies.