Seminario: Salvatore Sciortino (INAF)
Jun 27 @ 15:00 – 16:00

Speaker: Salvatore Sciortino (INAF)

Titolo: “Is Quantum Mechanics the last word ? Why not ? Some alternative ideas  toward (re-)introducing realism in Physics”


The General Relativity (GR) and Quantum Mechanics (QM) are the two pillars of
today Physics. They have been verified in a huge number of conditions and have
survived to all falsification attempts. Several key aspects of our life and our
societies are based on them, among them the entire internet “world”, mobile
phones and GPS assisted navigation. Despite these astonishing successes, after
about 100 years of efforts of the smartest worldwide physicists GR and QM still
remain essentially incompatible. Most of the past “merging” efforts have mostly
concentrated on attempts to “quantize” general relativity but they have been so
far either unsuccessful or have ended up to unfalsifiable theories. This has
stimulated a critical rethinking of the basis of today physics pillar theories,
especially of QM. I will present some of this alternative ideas, their pro and
con following the analysis path championed by R. Penrose and L. Smoolin whose
ultimate aim is to build a new physical theory based on the idea that a real
world exists (independently from one of us watching it) and Physics is the
science to understand how it really works.

Seminario: Ileana Chinnici (INAF)
Sep 12 @ 15:00 – 16:30

Speaker: Ileana Chinnici (INAF)
Titolo: Warning from Mars: il restauro del globo di Marte del Museo della Specola
Abstract: TBD

Seminario: Ileana Chinnici (INAF)
Oct 23 @ 15:00 – 16:30

Speaker: Ileana Chinnici
Titolo: Conservazione preventiva delle collezioni del Museo: primi risultati del progetto SpecoLab
Abstract: TBD